Tuesday, January 27, 2009

For those of you who have accidently upgraded to 2.2.1 and want to go back down to 2.2

Click on these links for your corresponding device to downgrade back to 2.2

iPhone 2G

iPhone 3G
iPhone 3G Alternate link FW 2.1 -If firmware 2.2 isn't working for you on iPhone 3G you can try 2.1 and see if that works.

iPod Touch 1st Generation -(Unfortunately, I could not find Firmware 2.2 for iPod Touch 1st Gen) If you click on the link you can downgrade to 2.1 until there is a jailbreak for 2.2.1. Sorry for the inconvenience.

iPod Touch 2nd Generation

Step 1. Click on one of the above links to download firmware 2.2 for the corresponding device.

Step 3. Once that is downloaded go to iTunes and hook up your device.

Step 4. Click on your device on the side and it should have 2 buttons
One that says Check for Updates
and another that says Restore
on your keyboard hold down the "SHIFT" key and click on restore

Step 5: choose the file that you downloaded earlier from my blog and iTunes will do the rest

Hope that helped!
Any questions?
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or write in the shoutbox^^

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