Thursday, January 29, 2009

UPDATE for Clippy, copy and paste tool for iPhone/iPod Touch!

Look here if you missed anything in the video!
Thanks for watching

**First make sure you have updated Clippy
Beta in Cydia.**

Feature #1: You can now copy & paste
received and sent texts by double tapping.
Once you have double clicked on the text
it will go directly to your stack.

Once you are in your stack you can delete
or use something you have copied. Just
tap on what you want to paste.
To get back to your stack just press the
"?123" button on the bottom. And you can
paste again!

Feature # 2: You can now decide whether
you want to highlight text by dragging your
finger through it or just go back to fix a
-If you want to highlight text double tap
and then start dragging your finger back.
-If you don't want to highlight just drag
your finger back like you normally would.

Feature #3: If you want to copy something
big and don't want to highlight all of it. You
can just press copy when you find
something you want and it will copy everything

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